What is linkAges?


linkAges™ builds healthy communities through a network that connects people of all ages and empowers individuals to improve each other’s health by providing opportunities for meaningful connections. Strengthened community connections lead to reduced social isolation and loneliness for all participants and specifically improve the health and well-being of older adults and family caregivers.  The linkAges network can be tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse communities.



Personalizing health

linkAges Profile captures information about an individual’s holistic health, including personal goals, social health and interests so each person and their doctors understand the factors impacting their health and wellbeing. Information from the Profile can be voluntarily linked to health records to enhance an individual’s experience of care.

linkAges Community™

Connecting generations to build healthy communities

linkAges Community helps members form meaningful connections with people of all ages through rewarding exchanges of abilities and interests. Communities are strengthened as members connect with one another to share and learn skills or to give and receive help.

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linkAges Home

Giving peace of mind

linkAges Home supports safe, independent living. Families and caregivers stay informed about the well-being of their loved ones by looking for shifts in their daily routines at home.

linkAges Home uses an innovative approach to monitor in-home usage of utilities to proactively detect changes in seniors’ physical and social health status. The utility data is uploaded to the cloud and analyzed. Since changes in well-established daily routines of seniors are often an indication of shifts in health status, regular utility-usage patterns can be a signal that all is well with a senior family member who is living alone.



Discovering your community’s resources

linkAges List helps members, families and care teams find local, personally relevant listings of community resources and services.

linkAges List assimilates content from social services and community-based databases along with curated content on enrichment resources such as continuing education, parks and recreation and arts and culture.