linkAges TimeBank Gets Cooking with Community Outreach Event

Posted on Jul 1, 2013

They may not be TV celebrity chefs, but linkAges TimeBank members were willing to share their cooking skills and knowledge at an International Cafe Cooking Class on June 25th. An enthusiastic group of 48 prospective and current linkAges TimeBank members, ages 10-80, gathered at Mountain View’s historic Adobe Building to learn about a variety of dishes crossing cultural lines.

The seven amateur cooks who led the sessions shared recipes and techniques for dishes that included pasta, stir-fries, sushi, kimchi, veggie smoothies, cole slaw and smores. To make it more interesting, participants helped with the preparation under the direction of the “chefs.” And of course, everyone got to taste everything made that evening.


Sushi & crowd

chopping Serving line



“The reason we organized this event was to draw attention to how the linkAges TimeBank can connect diverse members of the community in a fun way through shared interests,” said Dr. Paul Tang, who directs PAMF’s David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation. “We also used the event to acquaint Mountain View residents with both the broader linkAges program and to recruit them to sign up for the TimeBank.”

The linkAges TimeBank is one component of the emerging linkAges system and is being used as a mechanism to connect neighbors and community members across all ages. Members of the linkAges TimeBank, including seniors and family caregivers, can address personal needs through exchanges with other members that focus on their interests and skills and explore new possibilities for meaningful engagement in their communities. In the TimeBank, everyone’s time and services are valued equally.

You can find out more about how to participate in the linkAges Bay Area TimeBank here:



  1. Had Vandana Pant recently speak to our Saratoa Rotary club

    • Thank you for hosting the presentation.

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