Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation


linkAges Ecosystem Partnerships

The vision for linkAges unlocks the transformative power of shared human dependencies, innovation and technology to take health systems to the next level of engagement with the social determinants of health, in people’s homes and in their communities. We are creating a community collaborative with a shared commitment to help older adults to age in place with a high quality of life. We look for partners who actively share our values, vision and commitment.

Community Partnerships:

We’re partnering with individuals, political leaders, neighborhood associations, faith-based groups, senior centers, technology developers, nonprofits, health organizations, foundations and corporations to create a continuum of stakeholders who will support linkAges as adopters, advocates or supporters to improve the wellbeing of older adults and their caregivers in our communities.

Technology Partnerships:

We leverage the inherent talent and expertise present in the Silicon Valley community and seek technology partnerships to identify solution components that help us advance our work. Technology partnerships have historically helped us launch Way2Go and EMPOWER programs. For linkAges, these partners may create technology solutions for signal detection; help us launch Time Banking; provide input into framing a linkAges resource list that is targeted to caregivers, older adults and their extended networks; or create appropriate interfaces for the successful interaction of the components of linkAges.

Foundations and Philanthropists:

Philanthropic contributions and Foundation investments provide us with critical endorsements of the credibility of our work. Foundations who invest in our work also serve as peer-reviewers and help us build knowledge and expertise through shared intellectual capital. Individual philanthropists and foundations believe in the transformative potential of linkAges and share our commitment to rebuild community so that older adults have a high quality of life as they age in place. Funding may support comprehensive system development and implementation or discrete components or phases of development for linkAges.