Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation


The David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation (PAMF IC) was launched in August 2010 and inspired by Dr. David Druker, the late CEO of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. While serving as CEO, Dr. Druker promoted a culture of innovation with PAMF consistently being an early adopter of new technologies and creating new ways of delivering patient-centered care. The Druker Center is continuing, this early legacy of health care innovation with an extended focus on the community.

Philosophy of Evolution: The Innovation Center’s comprehensive approach to wellbeing focuses on the social determinants of health and gathers critical information on social, environmental and personal factors that impact quality of life for individuals and communities. We use active learning to leverage technology for extended and scalable impacts on population health and wellbeing.


PAMF as an innovation leader: PAMF has a long-standing history of creating and applying health information technology innovations to management of health and disease, including use of personal health records, home monitoring and mobile health tools. Over the past ten years, PAMF has developed and deployed methods that engage individuals in processes that change their behavior by leveraging every “touch point” where there is an opportunity to impact the delivery of care. Today more than three-fourths of PAMF’s adult patients are connected online. PAMF has historically focused on innovations that deliver personalized, holistic and integrated care to patients.